Happiness prompts Bhutan tourism campaign

Happiness prompts Bhutan tourism campaign

29th March 2011:Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J:
Bhutan government has released plans to unveil a new marketing campaign aimed at focusing on the country’s reputation as a happy destination.

‘Bhutan, happiness is a place’ was designed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan and is designed to set the country apart from neighbouring tourist destinations like China and India, The Independent reported.

According to the source the council was inspired by the 1970s implemented idea of the country’s “gross national happiness” which has “irrefutably been proven as the core and the true essence of Bhutan”.

In order to push inbound tourism to its 2013 goal of 100,000 arrivals, the new slogan will be accompanied by an image of the country’s national flower.

Last year, Bhutan exceeded its prediction of 35,000 leisure travellers by 6,000 to 40,873.